ACCEL 156 - Alternative spark plugs

Replacement spark plugs for ACCEL 156:

Brand Model
AC Delco 41F
AC Delco 42F
AC Delco 44F
AC Delco 45F
AC Delco 46F
AC Delco M40FFX
AC Delco M41FF
AC Delco M41FFG
AC Delco M42FF
AC Delco M43FF
AC Delco M45FF
AC Delco R41F
AC Delco R42CF
AC Delco R42CFS
AC Delco R42F
AC Delco R42FS
AC Delco R43FS
AC Delco R44F
AC Delco S41F
AC Delco S42F
AC Delco S44F
AC Delco S45F
Autolite 2455
Autolite 2456
Autolite 2457
Autolite 2634
Autolite 2635
Autolite 2636
Autolite 2652
Autolite 2653
Autolite 2654
Autolite 2655
Autolite 2656
Autolite 273
Autolite 274
Autolite 275
Autolite 276
Autolite 284
Autolite 3364
Autolite 3485
Autolite 3486
Autolite 3686
Autolite 4092
Autolite 4093
Autolite 411
Autolite 4113
Autolite 4123
Autolite 413
Autolite 414
Autolite 415
Autolite 416
Autolite 417
Autolite 425
Autolite 426
Autolite 515
Autolite 516
Autolite 517
Autolite 535
Autolite 536
Beck Arnley 176-5006
Beck Arnley 176-5031
Beck Arnley 176-5052
Beck Arnley 176-5076
Beck Arnley 176-5113
Beck Arnley 176-5114
Beck Arnley 176-9021
Beck Arnley 176-9022
Beck Arnley 176-9024
Beck Arnley 176-9043
Bosch W2AS
Bosch W3AC
Bosch W4AC
Bosch W5AC
Bosch W6BC
Bosch W7AC
Bosch W7BC
Bosch W8AC
Bosch W8BC
Bosch WR7BP
Bosch stk 7502
Bosch stk 7503
Bosch stk 7528
Bosch stk 7532
Bosch stk 7596
Bosch stk 7597
Champion L77JC4
Champion L78C
Champion L82C
Champion L82YC
Champion L86C
Champion L87YC
Champion L90C
Champion QL57
Champion QL82YC
Champion QL86C
Champion QL87YC
Champion RL82C
Champion RL82YC
Champion RL86C
Champion RL87YC
Champion RL95YC
Champion UL81C
Champion stk 306
Champion stk 312
Champion stk 32-01-01
Champion stk 327
Champion stk 328
Champion stk 33-01-01
Champion stk 34-01-01
Champion stk 678
Champion stk 807
Champion stk 811
Champion stk 814
Champion stk 821
Champion stk 830
Champion stk 835
Champion stk 874
Champion stk 896
Champion stk 929
Denso W14F-U
Denso W14FP-U
Denso W14FR-U
Denso W14PR-U
Denso W16FP-U
Denso W16FPR
Denso W16FS-U
Denso W16FSR
Denso W20FP-U
Denso W20FP-U10
Denso W20FPR-L
Denso W20FPR-U
Denso W20FS-U
Denso W20FSR
Denso W22FP-U
Denso W22FS-U
Denso W22FSR
Denso W24FS-U
Denso W24FS-ZU
Denso W24FSR
Denso W25FN
Denso W27FN
Denso W27FS-U
Denso W27FS-U10
Denso W27FS-ZU
Denso W9FP
Denso stk 3033
Denso stk 3034
Denso stk 3068
Denso stk 3069
Denso stk 3070
Denso stk 3073
Denso stk 4011
Denso stk 4012
Denso stk 4013
Denso stk 4017
Denso stk 4019
Denso stk 4020
Denso stk 4021
Denso stk 4024
Denso stk 4025
Denso stk 4037
Denso stk 4038
Denso stk 4039
Denso stk 4042
Denso stk 4050
Denso stk 4052
Denso stk 4053
Denso stk 6021
Denso stk 6028
Denso stk 6037
Denso stk 6053
General Motors 5612095
General Motors 5612125
General Motors 5612394
General Motors 5612423
General Motors 5612525
General Motors 5612871
General Motors 5613158
General Motors 5613200
General Motors 5613229
General Motors 5613240
General Motors 5613453
General Motors 5613456
General Motors 5613460
General Motors 5613525
General Motors 5613526
General Motors 5613527
General Motors 5613574
General Motors 5613658
General Motors 5613712
General Motors 5613817
General Motors 5613824
General Motors 5614011
General Motors 5614067
General Motors 5614073
Lodge BN
Mighty M4E4
Motorcraft AE091
Motorcraft AE1C
Motorcraft AE1X
Motorcraft AE2
Motorcraft AE22C
Motorcraft AE2C
Motorcraft AE2X
Motorcraft AE3
Motorcraft AE3C
Motorcraft AE3X
Motorcraft AE4
Motorcraft AE42C
Motorcraft AE4C
Motorcraft AE4X
Motorcraft AE6
Motorcraft AE901
Motorcraft AE901X
Motorcraft AER32
Motorcraft AER4
Motorcraft AER4X
Motorcraft AER6
Motorcraft AES4C
Motorcraft AT1X
Motorcraft AV2X
Motorcraft AV901X-4
Motorcraft AV91X-4
Motorcraft stk 116
Motorcraft stk 132
Motorcraft stk 41
Motorcraft stk 58
Motorcraft stk 59
Napa X531
Napa X936
NGK stk 1052
NGK stk 1098
NGK stk 3322
NGK stk 3626
NGK stk 3722
NGK stk 3823
NGK stk 3922
NGK stk 4110
NGK stk 4210
NGK stk 5110
NGK stk 5126
NGK stk 5510
NGK stk 5810
NGK stk 5924
NGK stk 6124
NGK stk 7022
NGK stk 7534
Prestolite 1,40E+002
Prestolite 1,40E+003
Prestolite 1,40E+004
Prestolite 1,40E+005
Prestolite 1,40E+007
Prestolite 1,40E+053
Splitfire SF263D
Splitfire SF265F
Splitfire SF409B
Splitfire SF409C
Splitfire SF412C
Valley Forge 134

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The Spark Plug Cross references are for general reference only. Check for correct application and spec/measurements. Any use of this cross reference is done at the installers risk.
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