NGK TR55VX - Alternative spark plugs

Replacement spark plugs for NGK TR55VX:

Brand Model
AC Delco 3
AC Delco 41-601
AC Delco 41-601-6B
AC Delco 41-606
AC Delco 41-900
AC Delco 41-902
AC Delco 41-913
AC Delco 41-919
AC Delco 41-929
AC Delco 41-932
AC Delco 41-936
AC Delco 41-940
AC Delco 41-942
AC Delco 41-943
AC Delco 41-947
AC Delco 41-985
AC Delco 41810
AC Delco AC3
AC Delco R44LTS6
Autolite 104
Autolite 105
Autolite 606
Autolite AP104
Autolite AP105
Autolite AP106
Autolite AP5184
Autolite AP605
Autolite APP605
Beck Arnley 176-5288
Beru 14KR-8DPUOV
Bosch H8DP
Bosch HR8DPP15V
Bosch HR9DPX
Bosch stk 4211
Champion 3013
Champion OE131
Champion RS14PYC6
Champion RS14PYP6
Champion stk 7013
Denso 5326
Denso IT16
Denso IT20
Denso PT16EPR-L13
Denso PT16EPRL13
Denso T16EPR-U15
Denso VT20
Denso stk 5023
Denso stk 5070
General Motors 25161442
General Motors 25161678
General Motors 25162556
General Motors 25163148
General Motors 25164048
General Motors 25164641
General Motors 25166821
General Motors 25173406
General Motors 5614235
General Motors 5614248
General Motors 5614284
General Motors 5614303
General Motors 5614355
General Motors 5614394
Motorcraft AGRF22PP
Motorcraft AGSF42C-6
Motorcraft stk 46
NGK stk 2885
Splitfire SF010D
Splitfire TP10D
Toyota 90098-66113

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The Spark Plug Cross references are for general reference only. Check for correct application and spec/measurements. Any use of this cross reference is done at the installers risk.