ACCEL 124 - Alternative spark plugs

Replacement spark plugs for ACCEL 124:

Brand Model
AC Delco 43
AC Delco 45
AC Delco 46
AC Delco B403I
AC Delco B45
AC Delco C49
AC Delco CR43K
AC Delco CR45L
AC Delco M44C
AC Delco M45
AC Delco MR42K
AC Delco MR44C
AC Delco R43
AC Delco R44
AC Delco R45
AC Delco R46
AC Delco S46
Autolite 2243
Autolite 227
Autolite 294
Autolite 295
Autolite 297
Autolite 3014
Autolite 3017
Autolite 302
Autolite 303
Autolite 304
Autolite 306
Autolite 314
Autolite 315
Autolite 316
Autolite 316,3
Autolite 317
Autolite 3382
Autolite 3383
Autolite 3384
Autolite 3386
Autolite 3388
Autolite 3426
Autolite 354
Autolite 355
Autolite 356
Autolite 357
Autolite 363
Autolite 366
Beru 14-7E
Blue Crown SR6F20
Bosch W7EC
Bosch W9EC0
Bosch WR8EC
Bosch WR9EC
Bosch stk 7515
Bosch stk 7535
Champion J10
Champion J11C
Champion J6
Champion J6C
Champion J6J
Champion J7
Champion J8
Champion J8C
Champion J8J
Champion RJ12C
Champion RJ6C
Champion RJ8C
Champion UJ6
Champion UJ8
Champion XMJ14
Champion stk 102
Champion stk 511
Champion stk 588
Champion stk 592
Champion stk 823
Champion stk 841
Champion stk 871
Denso W14-U
Denso W14-US
Denso W16S-U
Denso W20S-U
Denso W20SR-U
Denso W20SU
Denso W9-U
Denso stk 3075
Denso stk 3076
Denso stk 5044
Denso stk 6004
Denso stk 6008
Eyquem 500C
General Motors 1559429
General Motors 1559493
General Motors 1559494
General Motors 5569992
General Motors 5569994
General Motors 5612127
General Motors 5612567
General Motors 5612569
General Motors 5613067
General Motors 5613124
General Motors 5613132
General Motors 5613349
General Motors 5613462
General Motors 5613658
General Motors 5613715
General Motors 5613865
General Motors 5613871
Iskra FS70
Lodge BAN
Mighty M4-3
Mopar 4339491
Mopar 4504290
Motorcraft A3X
Motorcraft A42N
Motorcraft A5
Motorcraft A5X
Motorcraft A7
Motorcraft A7C
Motorcraft A7CX
Motorcraft A7X
Motorcraft AL7C
Motorcraft AS4C
Motorcraft AS4CF4
Motorcraft AS8
Motorcraft stk 108
Motorcraft stk 73
Motorcraft stk 76
Motorcraft stk 77
Motorcraft stk 80
Napa X501
Napa X502
Napa X503
Napa X900
NGK 3510
NGK stk 3210
NGK stk 3510
NGK stk 3522
Prestolite 14-03-01
Prestolite 14-04-01
Prestolite 14-07-01
Prestolite 14-09-01
Prestolite 14-11-01
Prestolite 14-5X
Prestolite 14-7X
Prestolite 14-9X
Splitfire SM029E
Splitfire SM030C
Unipart GSP30
Valley Forge 447

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The Spark Plug Cross references are for general reference only. Check for correct application and spec/measurements. Any use of this cross reference is done at the installers risk.
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