Champion RS12PYP - Alternative spark plugs

Details about Champion RS12PYP:

  • Threaddiameter: 14mm
  • Threadreach: 17.5mm
  • Seattype: tapered
  • Hexsize: 16mm
  • Tipconfiguration: projected
  • Construction: Double platinum
  • Terminaltype: Solid

Replacement spark plugs for Champion RS12PYP:

Brand Model
AC Delco 41-810
AC Delco 41-900
AC Delco 41-919
AC Delco 41-963
AC Delco 41-975
AC Delco 41-978
AC Delco 41-979
AC Delco 41-987
AC Delco 41810
Autolite APP104
Autolite APP605
Beru 14KR-8DPU0V
Beru 14KR-8DPUOV
Beru 14KR-8DPUV
Beru Z148
Beru Z298
Bosch 0242229652
Bosch 242225571
Bosch 242229545
Bosch 242229678
Bosch HR8DP
Bosch HR8DPP15V
Bosch HR8DPX
Bosch HR9DPX
Champion stk 7401
Denso 5091
Denso 5325
Denso IT16
Denso IT16TT
Denso PT16EPR-L13
Denso PT16EPR10
Denso PT16EPRL13
Denso VT16
Mazda L30318110
Motorcraft AGRF22PP
Motorcraft AGSF22FM
Motorcraft AGSF22FM1
Motorcraft AGSF22PP
Motorcraft AGSF22YPC
Motorcraft AGSF32FEC
Motorcraft AGSF32FM
Motorcraft AGSF32FMF4
Motorcraft AGSF32M
Motorcraft AGSF32PM
Motorcraft AGSF32PP
Motorcraft AGSF32YPC
Motorcraft AWSF22E
Motorcraft AWSF22EE
Motorcraft AWSF32E
Motorcraft AWSF32EE
Motorcraft AWSF32EG
Motorcraft AWSF32F
Motorcraft AWSF32P
Motorcraft AWSF32PP
Motorcraft AWSF42EE
Motorcraft AWSF42P
Motorcraft AWSF42PP
NGK 1048
NGK 5146
NGK 6044
NGK 7164
NGK 7740
NGK 7862
Torch 9001
Torch 9002
Torch 9004
Toyota 90098-66113
Volvo 3858996
Volvo 3858997
Volvo 3861632

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Applications of Champion RS12PYP


Brand Model Engine size HP KW Year Engine # of cyl Spark plug gap
FORD Escape BA 3.0L DOHC 24V 2/01-3/03 Duratec AJ 0 1.3
FORD Escape ZA 3.0L DOHC 24V 4/03-1/04 Duratec AJ 0 1.3
FORD Explorer 4.0L 1996-6/99 OHV/OHC 0 1.3
FORD Explorer UQ 4.0L 1999-1/00 OHV/OHC 0 1.3
FORD Explorer US 4.0L 1/00-10/01 OHV/OHC 0 1.3
FORD F250 XL. XLT 5.4L EFI 7/01-on Triton 16V 0 1.3
FORD F350 XL. XLT 5.4L EFI 7/01-on Triton 16V 0 1.3
FORD Fairlane By Tickford NL 5.0L 1998 0 1.2
FORD Fairlane NU 5.0L 8/98-2002 0 1.2
FORD Fairlane NU Tickford TL50 5.0L 200kw 8/99-2002 0 1.2
FORD Falcon AU Tickford TE50 5.0L 200 kw 8/99-8/02 0 1.2
FORD Falcon AU XR8 5.0L 8/98-8/02 0 1.2
FORD LTD DU 5.0L 8/98-12/02 0 1.3
FORD Mustang Cobra TP 4.6L V8 09/00-07/01 SOHC 16V 0 1.3
FORD Taurus 3.0L V6 11/95-9/98 DOHC 0 1.2
MAZDA MPV LW 2.5L DOHC 24V 6/99-6/02 GY Duratec 0 1.3
MAZDA MPV LW10J2 3.0L DOHC 24V 6/02-9/06 AJ Duratec 0 1.3

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    The Spark Plug Cross references are for general reference only. Check for correct application and spec/measurements. Any use of this cross reference is done at the installers risk.
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