NGK PFR5G-11 - Alternative spark plugs

Details about NGK PFR5G-11:

  • Threaddiameter: 14mm
  • Threadreach: 19mm
  • Seattype: flat
  • Hexsize: 16mm
  • Tipconfiguration: projected
  • Construction: Double platinum
  • Terminaltype: Solid

Replacement spark plugs for NGK PFR5G-11:

Brand Model
AC Delco 41800
AC Delco 5
AC Delco AC5
AC Delco FR2LS
AC Delco FR3LS
Accel 786
Autolite APP3924
Autolite APP5144
Beck Arnley 176-5273
Beru 14F-8LUR
Beru 14FGH-8DPURX2
Beru 14FR-7DPUX02
Beru 8DPURX2
Beru UXT11
Beru Z228
Bosch +19
Bosch F8DPER
Bosch FR7DP1X
Bosch FR7DPP22U
Brisk DR17YP-1
Brisk DR17YPP-1
Champion 7071
Champion 7440
Champion 9001
Champion KC10PYPB4
Champion KC11PYP
Champion OE124
Champion OE138
Champion RC10PYP4
Champion RC10PYPB4
Champion RC11PYPB4
Champion stk 7071
Champion stk 7346
Denso 3264
Denso 3275
Denso 5303
Denso IK16
Denso K16TT
Denso PK16PR-L11
Denso PK16PR11
Denso PK16PRL11
Denso stk 3275
General Motors 25164643
Honda 98079-5514H
Honda 98079-5515H
Mazda 1N08-18-110
Mitsubishi MD313442
Mopar 4796779
Motorcraft AGSP32FMF6
Motorcraft AGSP32FP
NGK stk 2091
NGK stk 2647
Nissan 1P115
Nissan 22401-1P115
Nissan 22401-1P175
Nissan 22401-1P175-Q0
Nissan 22401-1P175-VA
Suzuki 09482-00540
Toyota 90098-66038
Valeo 246898

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