NGK C7HSA - Alternative spark plugs

Details about NGK C7HSA:

  • Threaddiameter: 10mm
  • Threadreach: 12.7mm
  • Seattype: flat
  • Hexsize: 16mm
  • Tipconfiguration: projected
  • Construction: Special design
  • Terminaltype: Threaded-Terminal

Replacement spark plugs for NGK C7HSA:

Brand Model
AC Delco S102F
Aston Martin 021-007-0145
Autolite 2795
Autolite 4193
Autolite 4194
Beru 10FR-4AU
Beru Z199
Bosch U260T1
Bosch U4AC
Bosch UR3AS
Brisk NAR14YC
Brisk NAR14YS
Champion P-Z7HC
Champion PZ7HC
Champion Z7HC
Champion Z8
Champion Z9Y
Champion stk 808
Denso 4006
Denso 5383
Denso IUF22
Denso U22FS
Denso U22FS-L
Denso U22FS-U
Denso U22FSL
Denso U22FSU
Denso stk 4006
Enker T90
Eyquem T70
Eyquem T850
General Motors 5613467
Hitachi L13W
Honda 98056-57713
Honda 98056-57713-00
Honda 98056-57713-0A
Honda 98056-57717
Iskra T70
Iskra T90
Kawasaki 920701107
Kawasaki E920701107
Kawasaki J4520U22FSL
Lodge 2HL10
Magneti Marelli CU7N
Motorcraft PV2
NGK stk 4629
Prestolite 1000
Prestolite 10000
Prestolite 10E2
Prestolite 10E2,10E3
Prestolite 10E3
Splitfire SF419D
Suzuki 99000-69571
Tacti V91104006
Torch A7T
Torch A7TC
Torch T1137C
Toyota 90098-22415
Toyota 90098-22765
Yamaha 94700-00254
Yamaha 94700-00835
Yamaha 94700-00835-00IV
Yamaha 94701 00254
Yamaha 94701-00254
Yamaha 94703-00216
Yamaha 94703-00254

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