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NGK BKR6EYA-11 - Alternative spark plugs

Details about NGK BKR6EYA-11:

  • Threaddiameter: 14mm
  • Threadreach: 19mm
  • Seattype: flat
  • Hexsize: 16mm
  • Tipconfiguration: extra projected
  • Construction: V-grooved centre
  • Terminaltype: Solid

Replacement spark plugs for NGK BKR6EYA-11:

Brand Model
Autolite 3923
Beru 0002335714
Beru 14F-6DPUR02
Beru 14FR-7KU0X
Beru 14FR-7KUOX
Beru UXT11
Beru Z 157
Beru Z-157
Beru Z157
Bosch +11
Bosch 0242235659
Bosch 0242236541
Bosch FR7KCU
Bosch FR7KCX
Bosch FR7KCX+
Brisk A-line 14
Brisk A-Line14
Brisk DR14ZC
Champion 10R12A
Champion RC8YX4
Daihatsu 90048-51163-000
Daihatsu 9004851163000
Denso 3139
Denso 5304
Denso IK20
Denso K20R-U11
Denso K20RU11
Denso K20TT
Denso K20U11
Eyquem RFC58LZ5
Toyota 90080-91204
Toyota 90098-70056
Toyota 90919-01166
Toyota 90919-01184
Toyota 90919-01185
Toyota 90919-YZZAG
Unipart GSP2042
Valeo 246871

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