Champion RF14YC - Alternative spark plugs

Details about Champion RF14YC:

  • Threaddiameter: 18mm
  • Threadreach: 11.2mm
  • Seattype: tapered
  • Hexsize: 21mm
  • Tipconfiguration: projected
  • Construction: Standard construction
  • Terminaltype: Solid

Replacement spark plugs for Champion RF14YC:

Brand Model
AC Delco 84T
AC Delco 86TS
AC Delco R85TS
AC Delco R86TS
Accel P678
Autolite 37
Autolite 46
Autolite 747
Beck Arnley 176-5178
Beru 18K-8BU
Bosch 0242325501
Bosch D10B
Bosch DR10BC
Bosch DR9BC
Bosch DR9BPX
Bosch M12B
Bosch stk 7551
Champion 860
Champion F14Y
Champion RF11YC
Champion RF14Y
Champion RF14Y4
Champion UF14Y
Champion X860
Champion XF14Y
Champion stk 21
Denso 5008
Denso MA14PU
Denso MA16PR-U
Denso MA16PRU
Denso MA9P-U
Denso MA9PRU
Denso MA9PU
Denso stk 5005
General Motors 5612149
Mopar 4339427
Motorcraft BRF42
Motorcraft BSF42C
Motorcraft BSF82C
Motorcraft BSF82CF6
Motorcraft stk 20
Motorcraft stk 31
Napa X973
Newstar T4TC
NGK stk 2438
Prestolite 18F6
Prestolite 18F82
Prestolite 18RF82
Unipart GSP2033
Valley Forge 18

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